Employment & Employee benefits


BWK Partners is specialised in the field of employment law and employee benefits. With a broadly-based labour law practice, we support employers, directors, employees and works councils with regard to:

  • individual dismissal cases
  • reorganisations and mass redundancies
  • employment conditions (changes, harmonisation, collective labour agreements)
  • corporate acquisitions and transfers of undertaking
  • disability
  • social insurance law (Unemployment Insurance Act (WW), Sickness Benefits Act (ZW) and Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA))
  • share option schemes
  • worker representation law (Works Councils)
  • accidents at work & occupational diseases
  • management remuneration & corporate governance
  • equal treatment (anti-discrimination) regulations
  • expat activities

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Labour Law Alert – Coalition Agreement 2017

By | Employment and employee-benefits

On 10 October 2017, the newly formed government of the Netherlands presented the so-called Coalition Agreement 2017. Following the Dutch elections, the Coalition Agreement is an arrangement between the coalition parties on new plans, reforms and budgets. A Coalition Agreement only entails proposals on headlines that bind the new government. The actual legislative proposals will be drafted and submitted in the coming period of government. The Dutch Senate and the House of Representatives still have to decide on the contents of the Coalition Agreement. Nonetheless, the Coalition Agreement already is a determining guideline for the legislative proposals that we can expect. We have highlighted the relevant issues for Dutch labour law purposes.

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Supplement of employee’s WIA benefits by the employer

By | Employment and employee-benefits, News

A disabled employee may, if he is still more than 35% disabled following the expiration of the employer’s obligation to continue payment of salary (maximum of three years), qualify for benefits pursuant to the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA). If, while in receipt of WIA benefits, the employee continues to perform suitable work, the income from this suitable work will be deducted from his WIA benefits.

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